Air Nunavut is one of the Arctic’s most established operators. We will join Captains Jeff Mahoney and Chris Thomas in cruise from Iqaluit to Nanasivk, NT. The Falcon X’s onboard systems and capabilities are thoroughly reviewed by the crew.

We descend, approach, and land at the Nanasivik Airport. The runway at Nanasivik is 6400 feet long and 2106 feet above sea level. Discover the true performance of this aircraft during a STOL departure and climb out ; returning to Iqaluit. We will also spend some time in Iqaluit for a very detailed preflight inspection by Chris Thomas (Captain / Chief Pilot)

Enjoy a wonderful flight aboard the King Air 200 enroute to Uummannaq / Qaarsut, Greenland. This aircraft is equipped with advanced onboard navigation systems. Captain Russ Penner will explain the techniques used to navigate with reference to true north as we follow our IFR route across the Arctic ocean under radar control. An extremely detailed walk around and explanations of engine start and shutdowns procedures follow.



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