Never before have we been so excited about one of our new releases as we are this time! This DVD, featuring both the Jetstream 32 and King Air 200, is by far the most intuitive, informative and exciting program available. Aboard the King Air 200 we are greeted by Captain Kirk Macneil and First Officer Chad Eby. These two gentlemen show us what the air ambulance world is about while exploring the King Air 200 enroute from Calgary to Edmonton International Airports! During our pre flight inspection Captain Kirk conducts fuel fire wall cut off tests cross checking each action with the correct annunciator panel indications. The flight deck is explored in its entirety. Enroute, Kirk and Chad take a moment to simulate how an 'Engine Failure / Fire' drill would be conducted using memory recall items and reference to the Emergency Checklist.

On the second DVD included in this package, Captain Ron Brenzan and First Officer Gene Pender deliver the Jetstream 32 to us during a full day of charter work. Departing Calgary International Airport under dark skies we head north for the Cold Lake Military base. Enjoy external shots of the aircraft arriving and departing and spot some nearby F18 aircraft! On the return we stop in Lloydminster before heading further south to Calgary for an early evening ILS landing! Watch closely as heading and course selections are made, transition altitudes are reached and clearances are received and read back. A perfect example of a two crew operation at one of Alberta's leading airlines. Also, don't miss the extremely detailed walk around of the Jetstream 32 presented to us by Gene Pender.


Special thanks to the entire Calgary and Medicine Hat based crews of BarXH. Your motivation and enthusiasm have made this program what it is!


Preview a clip of the Jetstream 32 DVD video (1008 KB, .mov) Preview a clip of the King Air 200 DVD video (1.4MB, .mov)


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