Re-discover what flying is all about with Big River Air and Arctic Excursions!

The rugged Single Otter will be sure to impress! Our routing will take us on a return flight from Fort Smith to Fort Chipewyan. Aboard the turbine Otter, Dwayne will discuss northern flying as a career, the intricacies of the Single Otter on floats, and share an abundance of local knowledge!
From Yellowknife’s Old Town float base we will board the roaring Beaver for some truly picturesque flights to some of the north’s hideaways! There are no docks around these parts. Watch closely as Big River Airs’ experienced pilot sails the beaver onto a rocky shoreline, and beaches her in the shallows! Loading, unloading, briefings, radio calls... Around here, you are on your own!

This year Arctic Excursions has partnered with Big River Air of Fort Smith. This partnership allows Arctic Excursions to provide customers with a larger fleet and two bases of operation. The Yellowknife base operates a Cessna 185, deHavilland Beaver, and Turbine-Otter. Big River Air's fleet in Fort Smith consists of a Cessna 172, 180, 185, 206, 210, DeHavilland Beaver, and a Cessna Caravan. Big River Air Ltd. is an aircraft charter company offering year round charter service on wheels, skis, and floats.

This production will help you remember what flying is really all about!


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