The Real Life Aviator Series has leaped to new heights with the addition of this newly featured program!

Welcome to Yellowknife’s original Buffalo Airways. For 25 years Buffalo has provided northerners with scheduled, and chartered passenger flights as well as unmatched freight service. Currently, the Buffalo fleet consists of 11 Douglas DC-4’s, 3 Curtiss C-46 Commandos, 4 Canadair CL-215 Water Bombers, 3 PBY-5A Canso Water Bombers, and 13 Douglas DC-3’s. During our production we will meet and work with the entire Buffalo team! Veteran engineers, experienced pilots, aspiring Buffalo Air Express couriers, and Buffalo’s very own School of Aviation. Enjoy a handful of scenic flights in the DC-3, DC-4 and C-46 Commando.

Our DC-3 will take us from Yellowknife across the Great Slave Lake to Hay River! Guess who’s flying? Its Buffalo’s very own Joe McBryan! Airplanes aside, enjoy a scenic tour of this fine town.
Ride in the DC-4 like very few ever have. There is nothing between you and the rolling scenery of “the valley”. Enroute, our pilots, Harry and Justin will explain the intricacies of this legendary aircraft and what makes her roar! Learn what it takes to move heavy freight across the north. One takeoff and landing after another. It’s Commando time!

Tanker Bases
It all begins with a call to the Fire Center! We’ll visit with Buffalo’s Water Bombers. The Yellowknife CL215 tanker base pilots will show us the ins and outs of this remarkable aircraft, and her King Air 90 Bird Dog. Enjoy never before seen footage of the DC-4 tanker base in Hay River. Our veteran crew takes us from nose to tail as they discuss the DC-4 and her strategic role. Each water bomber base will stage a fire-fighting mission for us.

Buffalo Airways!
A truly scenic, real time, real life, inspirational production for the aviation enthusiast at large!

A special tour of the Buffalo School of Aviation is included during this program. If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in northern aviation, this is a must see! The Buffalo School of Aviation offers a series of courses for all skill levels that lead to employment and career advancement.




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