Kivalliq Air and the Pilatus PC-12

We will meet our crew, Captain Llewella Morgan and First Officer Jason Knievel in Rankin Inlet, NT. Departing in IMC conditions we set course for Churchill, Manitoba. Enroute Llewella presents the EFIS and GPS installations to us!
In Churchill, it’s a change of crews. We pick things up in cruise with Captain Elizabeth Pennington and First Officer Sean-Paul Voskamp.

Enjoy the PC12’s onboard systems including the dual EFIS displays and IFR GPS. The cockpit layout is clearly presented and emergency & normal checklists are reviewed. Throughout the program crews provide insight into their aviation careers, discuss northern flying and share an abundance of local knowledge.

Kivalliq Air operates three Pilatus PC-12’s with a payload of approximately 2000lbs. The PC-12’s are operated in two configurations. Either 9 seats, or 8 seats with a washroom. The seats may also be removed to be operated as cargo aircraft. One of the most technologically advanced aircraft of it’s type, the PC-12 is a single engine, turbine aircraft with over 1 million flying hours. The aircraft is certified to comfortably fly at 25,000 feet with a cruise speed of 300 MPH. The PC-12 has a 53” cargo door at the rear to allow for easy loading. The aircraft has a front stairway entrance for passengers. Kivalliq Air uses the PC-12 aircraft for all passenger and cargo flights.

Join Take Flight Video Productions aboard the PC12 as we visit the following destinations: Rankin Inlet, Churchill, and Winnipeg!


Visit our Pilatus PC12 page to learn more about the aircraft




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