Established in 1993 Maldivian Air Taxi provides air taxi service to tens of thousands each year. Employing over 200 local and foreign staff members the airline is focused on providing safe and reliable air transport throughout the Republic of the Maldives.

Special thanks to all of our friends and staff at MAT for making this program a success.



During 2 fast paced flights with Pilots' Will Scheider, Tony Szekely, Yasir Jauhary, and Matthew Colistro we visit Ziaraiyfushi (Summer Island) and Dhigirri; located in the Male and South Male Atolls.

From start up to shut down the crews share their skills and knowledge with us. Follow through during cockpit flows, engine starts, and takeoffs and landings. Thorough details about the aircrafts limitations, onboard emergency/survival equipment, PT6 engines, blade latches, and short field performance is outlined.

Listen closely as the crews assess water depth, field length and determine safe takeoff and landing paths. Winds are relatively calm throughout our flights and present the unique challenge of glassy water.


We take time to tour the Maldivian Air Taxi maintenance facility with Aircraft Technician Ibrahim Rasheed/Ibbe, and Maintenance Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim /TK. An informative presentation by both gentlemen covering the MAT hanger facility and the specialized float, engine, propeller, sheet metal and paint facilities.

We end the program with a fast paced preflight inspection with First Officer Amy Macneil.



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