During our production we will enjoy a great variety of destinations, aircraft, and personalities. The Jetstream 31 is truly the highlight of this production. It is complimented by both the Beech 99 and King Air 90. Enjoy detailed walk arounds, pre start checks, and in depth reviews of both the Captains and First Officers roles. Also featured are J31, B99 & BE90 technical systems descriptions, and hands on explanations of startup and shutdown procedures on both Garrett and Pratt and Whitney engines. Watch NWAL’s experienced crews effectively demonstrate crew resource management, the continuous use of Standard Operating Procedures, and superior IFR ‘know how’!

We will base our production from NWAL’s corporate headquarters in Fort Smith. Fort Smith Airport is located 4 km NW of the community; the airport was built in 1938/39. There are two runways, one asphalt (6000’ X 200’), and one asphalt / gravel (2000 X 150’), and an air terminal building. Aviating aside, take some time to visit the surrounding vistas such as the famous Wood Buffalo National Park, and pristine waterfalls.
“ Gear down, landing checks”! Fort Smith radio, Fort McMurray radio, Fort Chipewyan radio, and Yellowknife Tower; “we’re on short final”!

Welcome aboard Northwestern Air Lease!

Special thanks to Gord Bush, Kelly Tuftin, Marilyn Daigle, Michael Cramond, James McNally, Luke Yamik, Dayan North, Marcel Leguerrier, and Ryan Vanderstoop.


Preview a clip of the Jetsream 31 DVD video (780 KB, .mov) Preview a clip of the PT6 turbine engine (908 KB, .mov)   Preview a clip of the Beech 99 DVD video (768 KB, .mov)


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