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‘Plane Spotting’


Our collection of Plane Spotting videos are designed for those who want to feel what it’s like to be up close and personal with landing and departing aircraft! Smell the burning rubber on those crosswinds and cover your ears; we are closer to the action than you could imagine!



Iqaluit Airport, NU, CYFB
Elevation 110
N63 45 23 W68 33 21

Witness the Canadian Forces C130 Hercules, USAF Shorts fleet, Canadian North Boeing 737, First Air Boeing 737, Boeing 727, and Hawker Siddley 748 arrive and depart the Iqaluit airport. Also, various corporate jets, helicopters, and light turboprops.
Iqaluit means, "fishing place" or "place of many fish" and is the largest community in Nunavut. Iqaluit is the Capital of Nunavut. The Iqaluit airport terminal is made of bright yellow plastic and is prominent against the often-gray sky. The terminal building is famous among chemical engineers as it has excellent thermal insulating characteristics and is resilient against the weather.

Pond Inlet, NU, CYIO
Elevation 181
N72 41 W77
King Air 90 on arrival! Bring your mitts, its bitterly cold out! Also a look at the Air Inuit HS 748.

Pangnirtung Airport, NU, CYXP
Elevation 75
N66 08 42 W65 42 49

In Pangnirtung, enjoy a touchdown by First Airs’ legendary Hawker 748 on runway 24T. We’ll also get inside an aircraft and make this same approach through the 7-mile fjord. Two very unique perspectives at one of the most challenging approach and landings in the world.

Qikiqtarjuaq, NU, CYVM
Elevation 21
N67 32 45 W64 01 53
Once again the First Air HS748 is on approach. A night landing under the full moon. In the distance we pick up the landing lights of the docile twin. The surrounding fjords appear, the ocean shimmers, and the skies glow above.

Rankin Inlet, NU, CYRT
Elevation 94
N62 48 41 W92 06 57
A rainy day on the Hudson Bay. Arrivals and departures of the Kivalliq Air Pilatus PC12, Calm Air HS748, and Canadian North Boeing 737.

Yellowknife, NT, CYZF
Elevation 675
N62 27 46 W114 26 25
The aviation town of the north! Yellowknife is booming with arrivals and departures year round. Canadair CL215’s, various Douglas aircraft, Boeing jets, and deHavilland & Beech turboprops are on the move. We’ll even view the activity at Yellowknife’s Old Town float base.

Fort Smith, NT, CYSM
Elevation 673
N60 01 20 W111 57 37
More CL215 action! The entire air attack fleet is on the move. Also enjoy the Cessna Grande Caravan and Jetstream 31!
We’ll take a drive to the float base and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of airplane spotting on the docks. Cessna’s, Beavers and Otters!

Hay River, NT, CYHY
Elevation 543
N60 50 23 W115 46 58
A beautiful summers day! Boeing 737, Cessna 185 on amphibs, ATR 42 and the roaring DC3…

Republic of the Maldives, Hulhule Airport, VRMM
Elevation: sea level
04°11´29"N, 073°31´45"E
A full range of water conditions from the legendary 'bowling alley'. Watch the DHC6 Twin Otter aircraft accelerate onto the step and break away from the glassy water. Also, some low level fly overs and a visit to Sun Island!



Airborne Scenery Videos


Our collection of Airborne Scenery Videos are truly one of a kind. Professionally filmed from the vantage of an aircraft we visit hidden landscapes around the world.

VIDEO TITLE: Fjords, Bergs, and Glaciers

The high arctic. Maybe you’ve dreamt of majestic fjords and their crystal blue waters. Cool arctic air, blue skies above and lone icebergs drifting with the winds and tides. Have you ever imagined how the desolate shorelines look or how the sunrise glistens off the Arctic waters. During this program we’ll view these wonders from the vantage of an aircraft. Each flight ends with a stop over into these eastern arctic communities! On the ground we’ll tour around these remote destinations and explore the sights and sounds of the local Inuit communities.

The Pang Pass, Samford Fjord, Bylot Island, and Adams Sound are all located on Nunavut’s Baffin Island.

The Pangnirtung Pass has been the filming location for a James Bond movie and is one of the wonders of the world! We’ll have a look at unique glaciers, frozen waterfalls, and famous peaks, Asgard and Thor! The pass runs in a north-south direction leading from Pangnirtung to Qikiqtarjuaq.

Samford Fjord is the pinnacle setting for daring base jumpers from all corners of the globe. These fjords reach heights above 7000 feet and lean over the arctic waters below. We’ll get up close and personal with this magnificent corner of Baffin Island.

Bylot Island rests just to the north of Pond Inlet. The shorelines are rugged and its glaciers meet the ocean.
Lastly, Adams Sound… the delight awaits your DVD player!







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