Round Trip from the Hulhule Airport to Sun Island aboard the Mighty Twin with Pilots' Ibrahim Akhmeen/IBU, Hassan Rejesh Moosa, Raffaele Longo and Ismail Rasheed. Spectacular Male and South Ari Atoll scenary below. Enjoy an indepth look at the 'day and the life' of these Pilots' and the unique flying that the Indian Ocean has to offer. Enroute the crews discuss the challenges of glassy water operations, present the flight deck of the DHC6, carry out engine trend monitoring, discuss their aviation careers, while delivering us 2 fast paced flights.

During our stopover we'll relax in the luxurious Sun Island; known for its water bungalows and pristine beaches.

Join First Officer Sean Moore for an extremely detailed preflight inspection of the aircraft back at the Hulhule airport. Have a look at the aerodynamic features of the Twin Otter which give it maximum 'STOL' performance.



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Operation in the Maldives present many challenges for engineers and technicians. Trans Maldivian Airways experience in these conditions is presented to us by Engineers Kithsiri and Thomas Newton. In the TMA hanger facility we will review the modifications to a float equipped Twin Otter and the parts and functions of both Wipline floats and PT6 engines.





Special thanks to all our friend and staff at Trans Maldivian Airways from all of us at Take Flight Video Productions.

For over 14 years Trans Maldivian has been providing the Maldives with experienced and professional inter-island air transport.

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