Formation flying over Bells beach in an open cockpit Tiger Moth. This video is an inspiration to any aviation enthusiast as our veteran Pilot Mike Killingsworth presents the lovely Tiger Moth to us in her entirety. During the preflight we inspect every rivet, hinge, nut and bolt. This 1930s aircraft was operated by the Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, and by many other countries, becoming one of the best known primary trainers of World War II. It’s Gipsy engine has a reputation for reliability and long life. Killingsworth has rebuilt and taken meticulous care of this piece of history.

Taxiing in windy conditions, we carefully maneuver this tail dragger without the use of brakes, and with very limited forward visibility from the cockpit. In formation with the experimental Karatoo, we lift off from the Geelong airfield following the Australian coastline, and slip away from the surly bonds of earth.  After a decorated career in the Navy and with the airlines, Mike Killingsworth’s enthusiasm and passion for all things vintage is inspirational.





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