Beechcraft King Air 200

The Beechcraft King Air 200, has been in production since 1974 and is the best selling turbine business aircraft in history. The King Air model 200 has established an exceptional reputation with its reliability and versatility and is known throughout the world for its durable performance and capabilities. This is particularly evident when you consider the variety of customers who rely on the airplane!

-Airline Transport
-Air Ambulance
-Commercial business
-Special mission operators
-Military transport departments
-Flight training organizations and other users

The King Air 200 has long been known as the “workhorse” of the aviation business, due to its tremendous performance and superior safety history. The King Air 200 is perfectly matched for those shorter range, or regional, trips that need true load hauling capabilities with passengers and luggage. The large and quiet cabin will carry passengers in complete comfort at over 300 MPH while still maintaining incredible short field performance.

In the Canadian arctic, the aircraft can be found operating from gravel runways less than 2000 feet in length.


Technical Specifications

TYPE: Beechcraft

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America

ENGINE: Two PT6A-41 or –42 engines

Wing Span: 54 ft 6 in
Length: 43 ft 9 in
Height: 15 ft 0 in

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 12, 500 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 11, 000 lbs
Maximum Ramp Weight: 12, 590 lbsPERFORMANCE: (PT6A-42)
Minimum Control Speed (VMC): 86 KIAS
Stall Speed Clean (VS): 99 KIAS (12, 500 lbs)
Stall Speed Flaps Full (VSO): 75 KIAS (12, 500 lbs)
Best Rate of Climb (Vy): 125 KIAS
Best Rate of Climb Single Engine (Vyse): 121 KIAS
Best Angle of Climb (Vx): 100 KIAS
Best Angle of Climb Single Engine (Vxse): 115 KIAS
Maximum Gust Penetration Speed (Vb): 170 KIAS
Maneuvering Speed (VA): 181 KIAS
Normal Climb Speed: 150-180 KIAS
Maximum Speed for Flaps to Approach: 200 KIAS
Maximum Speed for Flaps to Full: 157 KIAS
Maximum Speed for Landing Gear Extension: 181 KIAS
Maximum Speed for Landing Gear Retraction: 163 KIAS
Holding Speed clean: 150 KIAS
Maximum Crosswind Limitation: 25 KIAS
Velocity Never Exceed Speed (VNE): 239 KIAS

Wing Fuel: 1, 270 lbs, 731 L, 193 G
Auxiliary Fuel: 520 lbs, 299 L, 79 G
Total Fuel: 3, 590 lbs, 2059 L, 544 G
Minimum Flight Crew: 1 pilot in the left hand seat
Maximum Seating: 12 passengers

The perfect aircraft for those short to medium range trips requiring passenger comfort and performance. Get in and out of those small airstrips and haul loads of people and baggage with speed and efficiency. Generally considered the "economical" answer to travel needs the King Air 200 will get you to your destination at the right price!


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