Beech 99

Beech Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1932 by Walter H. and Olive Ann Beech. In 1968, Beech entered an expanding commuter airline market with the Beechcraft 99 Airliner. The aircraft was built as a 15-passenger commuter developed as a variant of the Beech King Air.

The aircraft boasts a remarkable cruising speed of 200 knots, can be configured for either passengers and/or freight and easily accommodates a 4,000 pound payload through a large cargo door. The Beech 99 is recognized as another successful design of aircraft, ideal for use in Canada's North. Its two reliable Pratt and Whitney turbine engines and efficient airfoil deliver the aircraft in and out of gravel or paved airstrips as short as 2500 feet in length.
To this day the aircraft is regularly flown between Canada’s most northern communities. Worldwide, it can be found performing its role as a commuter. During our production of Northwestern Air Lease a multitude of the Beech 99’s on board systems are reviewed. Below is an overview.


  • TYPE: Beech 99 Airliner
  • FIRST BUILT: 1968
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America
  • ENGINE: Pratt and Whitney –28 (bleed air source) & -27
    • Wing span: 45 ft 1 in / 13.9 m
    • Length: 44 ft 6in / 13.7 m
    • Max. Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 10, 900 lbs
    • Max. landing weight (MLW): 10, 900 lbs
    • Max. Ramp Weight: 10, 955 lbs
    • Operating Empty Weight (OEW): 6500 lbs
    • Maximum Payload: 4,400 lbs
    • Maximum Fuel Capacity: 2,400 lbs
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 225 kts
    • Range: 900 NM
    • Typical Fuel Burn: 600 lbs/hr
    • Maximum Cruise Altitude: 17, 000 ft
    • Seats: 15 passengers plus 2 crew

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