Corporate Express Business and Charter Airline is a company that has evolved over 29 years of varied aviation experience. Today over 30 employees offer a depth of literally hundreds of years of combined experience.

Join Captain John Mulder and First Officer Darren Baptist on an early morning return flight from the Calgary international Airport to Fort Mac Murray Alberta. During the program Captain Mulder provides us with detailed information about the SAAB 340’s onboard systems and operating procedures. Both gentlemen discuss their diverse careers in aviation to date, and share their experiences while operating this route.First Officer Darren Baptist takes us through a very thorough walk around covering the SAAB 340 in its entirety.

Not a detail is missed in this program. Enjoy night IFR flying, winter operations, high-density airspace procedures, and a clear winter afternoon landing back in Calgary.

“Thank you” to the entire team at Corporate Express. The airline is admired by all of us in western Canada for its strong safety record and continued growth.


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