Fairchild Dornier 228

The Dornier 228 was developed in the 1980’s by Fairchild Dornier. The rugged aircraft can operate virtually anywhere. The Dornier is a tough, short-field aircraft that's used for passenger service, freight and many sensor platforms. There are almost 250 Dornier 228s in service around the world, including those serving as vital environmental patrol aircraft in the North and Baltic Seas. The aircraft holds an exceptional reputation for reliability, versatility, economy and ruggedness. Its performance makes it ideal not only for carrying passengers, but also for cargo.It has an impressive range of over 1400 miles non-stop, cruising at a speedy 230 mph. With up to 19 passengers, the Dornier 228 requires approximately 3000 feet of runway for safe operations. Also powered by 2 Garrett turbine engines producing over 1700 horsepower, it can transport payloads of up to 4100 pounds. Its rectangular-shaped cabin provides additional head & shoulder space giving maximum passenger comfort. Its large 4'2" x 4'5" cargo door can engulf up to 5 (4-foot) pallet-loads into its spaciously long cabin that can hold up to 4100 pounds of payload.

Dornier has been recognized as an aviation pioneer and a leader in aircraft manufacturing, service and support for more than 75 years. Indeed, aircraft have carried the name of aviation pioneer Claude Dornier since 1915.
Today, the aircraft is still being produced under license in India.


TYPE: Fairchild Dornier 228 (Commuter / Utility Transport)



ENGINE: 2 Garrett TPE 331-5-252D engines, each driving a four-bladed, reversible-pitch, fully feathering propeller. Nominal engine power is 715 SHP.

Wing span: 55 feet and 8 inches / 16, 97 m
Length: 54 feet and 4 inch / 16 , 56 m
Height: 15 feet and 11 inch / 4, 86 m

Max. Ramp Weight: 13, 250 pounds / 6010 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight: 13, 184 pounds / 5980 kg
Max. landing weight: 13, 007 pounds / 5900 kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 12, 324 pounds / 5590 kg
Design Payload: 4, 100 pounds

Cruise Speed: 230 KIAS
Max. diving speed (VDF): 255 KIAS
Max. operating speed (VMO): 200 KIAS
Max. maneuvering speed (VA): 144 KIAS
Range: 1400 miles non-stop
Service ceiling: 27000ft

Seats 19 passengers
Total fuel capacity is 2386 liters (630 US Gal.)


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