Dassault Mystere-Falcon 10

The Falcon 10 is an executive twinjet, pressurized airplane, powered by two GARRETT TFE731-2-1C front fan jet propulsion engines. The aircraft is designed to carry 8 passengers and a crew of two at cruise speeds between 430 kts and 500 kts (TAS), over stage lengths of up to 1,900 NM and from 2,750 to 4,500 foot runways. The airplane is an all-metal monoplane provided with cantilevered wings and tail surfaces, and a tricycle-type, fully retractable landing gear.

The aircraft is the baby of the Dassault Myst_re-Falcon family of business jets. It was first known as the Minifalcon when announced at the end of the 1960s. Like the rest of the family it has rear-mounted turbofan engines and is basically a scaled-down version of the Falcon 20, providing accommodation for a crew of two and up to eight passengers. In addition to the normal executive transport role, the aircraft can be equipped for aerial photography, ambulance duties, liaison, navigation/attack system training and radio navigation aid calibration. The aircraft has even been used to train interceptor pilots.

The Falcon 100, introduced in 1985, was designed to supercede the Falcon 10. It features increased weights, a fourth side cabin window on the starboard side, a larger luggage compartment and a ‘glass cockpit’.

When production ceased in 1989, 223 Falcon 10/100s had been delivered to customers in 24 countries.

TYPE: Executive Jet Transport

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America


  • Wing span: 13.08 meters (42 feet 11inches)
  • Length: 13.86 meters (45 feet 5.5 inches)
  • Height: 4.61 meters (15 feet 1 inch)
  • Wing area: 24.1 sq. meters. (260.0 sq. feet)


Two GARRETT TFE731-2-1C front fan jet propulsion engines producing 3,230 pounds of thrust each.


Maximum Ramp Weight (MRW): 8,800 kgs (19,400 lbs)
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 8,755 kgs (19,300 lbs)
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW): 8,000 kgs (17,640 lbs)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW): 6,540 kgs (14,400 lbs)
Minimal Flight Weight: (MFW): 4, 500 kgs (9, 920 lbs)


Minimum runway length required: 4, 000 feet (gravel)
Maximum payload (cargo): 2, 400 pounds
Maximum range: 1, 850 statute miles
Minimum flight crew: 2 pilots
Maximum number of passengers: 8 passengers
Maximum airspeed (VMO): 350 knots at SL / 370 knots at 10, 000 feet
Maximum mach (MMO): 0.87 M above 25, 000 feet
Maximum maneuvering (VA): 220 knots
Maximum landing gear operating (VLO): 190 knots
Maximum landing gear extended: (VLF): 220 knots
Maximum Windshield Wiper (VWWO): 190 knots
Recommended turbulent penetration: 250 knots / .75 M (whichever is less)
Minimum Control Speed / air (VMCA): 97 knots
Minimum control speed / ground (VMCG): 100 knots
Maximum approved operating altitude: 45, 000 feet


Flightcrew of two.
Typical passenger seating for 8

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