Mention the terms: ‘private or corporate jet’ to most people and what comes to mind is LEARJET. This aircraft, whose design was founded from a Swiss Strike Fighter aircraft, has become one of the most popular aircraft in the world. Built in 1963 by William Lear Sr., this aircraft has taken on humanitarian, air ambulance, executive charter, and air cargo roles.

Production of the Learjet began with models 23, 24 and 25. The test bed Lear 25 flew in May 1971 while the first Lear 35 prototype came to being in August of 1973. The main difference between the 35 and its predecessors are its turbofan engines, long-range fuel capacity, and extended (1 ft) fuselage length. To follow were the Lear 36, 35A and 36A. Each consecutive aircraft was an improvement on previous aerodynamic and engine designs. In total, 676 Learjet 35s and 36s were delivered.
Subsequent production models were the 31A and 31A/ER with extended range, higher maximum takeoff weight, and increased cabin space.

Today, manufacturing of this aircraft continues under the direction of Bombardier Learjet. Models 40, 45, 45XR, and 60 can be seen soaring high above congested flight lanes and unstable weather, in and out of the world's most challenging airfields. From the early Lear 23 to the highly accomplished mid size Lear 60, the Lear family can be found operating around the globe.



Learjet 35


ENGINES: Two 15.6kN (3500lb) Garrett (now AlliedSignal) TFE73122B turbofans

Wing span: 12.04m (39ft 6in)
Length: 14.83m (48ft 8in)
Height: 3.73m (12ft 3in)

Empty: 4590kg (10,120lb)
Max takeoff: 8300kg (18,300lb)
Wing area 23.5m2 (253.3sq ft)

Max speed: 872km/h (470kt)
Max cruising speed: 852km/h (460kt)
Econ cruise: 774km/h (418kt)
Service ceiling: 45,000ft
Range with four passengers, max fuel and reserves 4070km (2195nm) for 35A

Flightcrew of two / Up to eight in main cabin

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