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Swearingen Metro SA226-TC & SA227-DC

Swearingen Aviation Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairchild Industries in 1979, and from early 1981 has been known as Fairchild Swearingen Corporation.

Ed. J. Swearingen built up his business initially by building prototypes for other companies, and by designing and marketing improved versions of Beech Queen Air and Twin Bonanza aircraft. In 1964 Swearingen began the development of an aircraft known as the Swearingen Merlin IIA. This was a turboprop-powered eight-seat executive aircraft, which combined a new fuselage of Swearingen design with a modified Queen Air wing and Twin Bonanza landing gear. First flown on April 13, 1965, the Merlin IIA proved a tractable design and deliveries began in August 1966 shortly after the receipt of certification.

To follow were the developments of the Merlin IIB and Merlin III.

Developed more or less simultaneously with the Merlin III was the SA226TC Metro, 20-passenger commuter airliner having the same power plant and differing from it primarily by having a lengthened fuselage to provide necessary accommodation.

Models to follow included the:
Merlin IV
Merlin IIIC
Metro III
Metro IIIA
Metro V
Merlin IV
Metro IV

The aircraft is pressurized capable of flying above inclement weather.

The Metroliner serves as a safe and reliable passenger and cargo hauler throughout the world! Perimeter Airlines and QuikAir operate the metro on scheduled passenger service routes. Perimeter Airlines also offers corporate and air ambulance services. As a veteran operator of the Metro II, Perimeter Airlines has made many innovative changes to the design of the Metro. The airline installed Garrett engines with quieter and more efficient Hartzell propellers. The Metros are all equipped with modern avionics suites including certified KLN 90B GPS’s.



Fairchild Aerospace SA.227 Metro (Data for Metro II unless stated otherwise)

TYPE: Regional airliner


ENGINES: Metro II - 2x Garrett AiResearch TPE331-3UW-303G turboprops of 940 shp / 700 kW
Metro IIIA - option of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6As
Metro 23 - 2x AlliedSignal TPE331-11U-612G (1000 shp / 745 kW) or TPE331-12UARs (1100 shp / 820 kW)

Wing span: 46 ft 3 in / 14.1 m.
Length: 59 ft 4 in / 18.09 m
Height: 16 ft 8 in / 5.08 m.
(Metro 23 same, except for wing span of 57 ft 0 in /17.37 m.)

Mk.II empty: 7,450 lb / 3380 kg
Mk.II max. takeoff: 12,500 lb / 5670 kg
Model 23 empty operating: 9,500 lb / 4309 kg
Model 23 max. takeoff: 16,500 lb / 7484 kg

Max. cruise: 255 kt / 473 kph
Long range cruise: 242 kt / 450 kph
Service ceiling: 27,000 ft.
Range, 15 passengers at max. cruise: 595 nm. / 1100 km.

Flight crew of 2
Passenger seating at 2 abreast and 30 in / 76 cm. pitch - 19

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