Shorts S.C.7 Skyvan

Design of the Shorts S.C.7 Skyvan began as a private venture in 1959; the Skyvan Series 1 prototype flew for the first time ever on January 17th, 1963. Features of the design were a high aspect ratio wing and a square-section, maximum volume fuselage, constructed from lightweight double skin panels, with the undersurface of the rear fuselage formed by a hinge-loading door. As first flown the Skyvan was powered by two wing-mounted 390 hp Continental GTSIO-520 piston engines, but it had been intended that it would be powered by Turbomeca turboprops. As the Skyvan Series 1A it was flown with this powerplant in May of 1963.

Production of the Skyvan Series 2 aircraft with Astazou XII turboprops was flown initially on the 29th of October 1965. Later, the Skyvan Series 3 was released, powered by Garrett TPE331 turboprops. Model 3A allowed for a gross weight increase. In 1970 the Skyvan Skyliner was sold as a 19-passenger commuter. One hundred and fifty-three Skyvans of all versions had been delivered by the time production ceased in 1986.

Skyvans have served in 47 countries with 15 military air arms and over 70 civilian operators. Surviving aircraft are almost exclusively freighters, with the type also having found much favor as a parachutist jump ship.
The Shorts Skyvan (SC-7) is a versatile cargo transport aircraft boasting rear-loading design.

Described affectionately by many observers as a Winnebago with wings, the whale sized cargo area swallows up to 4,500 lbs. of vital parts or up to 9 passengers plus gears. Even a mid-sized pick-up truck can drive straight into the18’7” X 6’2” X 6’ 6” loading area.Short Brothers, the world’s oldest aircraft manufacturer, is the European unit of Bombardier Aerospace, the third largest civil aerospace manufacturer in the world. Within Bombardier Aerospace, Shorts is a center of excellence for the design and manufacture of nacelle systems, fuselages, flight controls and close air defence systems. Bombardier Aerospace - Shorts is the largest manufacturing concern in Northern Ireland. Summit Air is pleased with the design and performance of the Shorts Skyvan. In the region there really is no other aircraft that can compete with this real workhorse.


Shorts S.C.7 Skyvan Technical Data

TYPE: Shorts Skyvan (SC-7), Light utility transport



ENGINE: 2x Turboprop Engine - Garret AiResearch TPE 331-201 / Power rating: 715 hp / 1430 hp

Wing span: 66 feet and 11 inches / 19.79 m
Length: 40 feet and 1 inch / 12.60 m
Height: 15 feet and 1 inch / 4.60 m

Empty: 3356 kg
Max. takeoff: 6577 kg
Wing load (kg/m2) : 190.00 kg/m2

Cruising speed: 160 knots / 278 km/h
Max. speed : 323 km/h
Max. operating altitude: Maximum permissible altitude is 20, 000 feet / 6400 m
Range: 500 to 700 miles / Max. Range : 1062 km

Seats 19-21 passengers (including crew)
Up to a 4500 pound payload

“ With cabin dimensions of 18ft 7.5" (5.68 m) long, 6ft 6" (1.99m) in height, and 6ft 2" (1.88 m) wide, the SC-7 allows for the transport of vehicles, large mining equipment and/or similar cargo.”

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