Welcome aboard the Shorts Skyvan, owned and operated by Yellowknife based, Summit Air. Summit Air has been providing air transportation services to various industries in Northern Canada for over 15 years. During our production we will fly with Captains Dale Panchyshyn and Jeffrey Lai. The crew will demonstrate the key aspects of loading and operating this versatile aircraft. Afterwards, we’ll have a talk with Jeffrey about the careers of aspiring northern pilots!

Adjust your seat in the 19 passenger, executive Dornier 228. Summit Air owner, Jamie Tate and Jeffery Lai will fly us from Yellowknife to the Boston mine site; than onward to Cambridge bay. We will navigate with reference to true north and explore northern domestic operations. The summer scenery, a review of the Dorniers pilot friendly cockpit, and her onboard systems make for a fantastic flight.

Summit Air is an ever growing charter operation with a team of dedicated pilots, engineers, technicians and apprentices. The core of the services provided are for the exploration and mining industry.

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