Grumman Widgeon

The smallest of Grumman's amphibians developed for civil use, the Widgeon was conceived as a light personal and executive transport, following the success of the larger Goose. An american built two engined amphibious aircraft which was originally to be called the Gosling I by the Royal Navy, was a smaller follow on to the Grumman G-21 Goose amphibious aircraft. The Widgeon saw action as an anti submarine patrol aircraft for various Navy forces around the globe. Over the years the aircraft was modified to better deal with heavy water conditions and was even fitted with larger engines.

Technical Specifications

TYPE: Grumman G-44A J4F-2 Widgeon

First Flight: July 1940
Date operating with FAA squadrons:1942-1945

ENGINES: G44A - Two 150kW (200hp) Ranger 6440C5 six cylinder, inverted, inline piston engines driving two blade propellers. Super Widgeon - Two 200kW (270hp) Lycoming GO480B1D flat sixes driving three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers.

Sizes and weights
Total Length : 31.070 ft, 9.470 m
Greatest height : 11.417 ft, 3.480 m
Wingspan : 39.993 ft, 12.190 m
Wing area : 244.989 sqft, 22.760 qm
Performance data
Max. speed : 133 kts, 246 km/h
Cruising speed : 120 kts, 222 km/h
Service ceiling : 14600 ft, 4450 m
Wing load : 18.45 lbs/ft2, 90.00 kg/qm
Range: 800 nm, 1481 km
Type: Ranger L-440C-5
Power rating (max.): 197 hp
Total power rating (max.) :395 hp

Max climb : 1,550ft/min (472m/min) 
Max Speed: 290km/h (180mph) 
Range : 1,600km (994miles) /
Ceiling : 18,000ft (5,486m)

Empty : 1,724kg (3,800lb) 
Max Takeoff: 2,365kg (5,200lb) 

Cockpit: Crew 1
Passenger Cabin: Accomodation 4 to 5



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